This is a line of ceramic teacups and saucer sets that say vulgar things like “Whore,” “Nice Ass,” and “M-er F-er.” What’s an M-er F-er, you ask? That’s my mom’s way of saying Mother F***er without breaking any of the Ten Commandments or whatever. These classless, uncouth teacups basically embody everything tea time is NOT about. Tea’s supposed to be all polite and graceful with pinkies out. A proper tea does not include any mentioning of prostitutes, donkeys, or dudes who bang their own moms. Ya little nasties! Needless to say, the Queen would definitely frown upon the collection. As for the rest of us commoners, well, these cups are $80 a pop, so we can’t afford them anyway. Solo cups it is!

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  1. Warhols Children

    Very interesting! Might as well take you revenge on Barbie, she deserves it, we all know it.

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