GAMETEE is selling a collection of video game inspired candles for $8 each. They’ve got a Zelda scent which has notes of crushed leaves, fresh mint, and eucalyptus; Portal with freshly laundered linen, pure white cotton flowers, calla lily, vanilla, and warm musk; Final Fantasy’s has sandalwood, fragrant oudh wood and Moroccan spices; Skyrim’s smells of log fire, smokey incense, and cedar wood. Huh! I always thought video games smelled like Mountain Dew and Cheeto dust, but maybe that’s just me. Like, literally, maybe my own personal scent was overpowering the smell of the game.

video-game-inspired-candles-2 video-game-inspired-candles-3 video-game-inspired-candles-4


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Via: Laughing Squid