Do you use paper towels as napkins? If you’re living in your first apartment, chances are the answer is yes. Actually, if you’re male and living in your first apartment, you probably use your shirt. In any case you should consider switching to napkins, like a real grown up. Normally, I would consider cloth napkins to be way too big of a step, but these tear away MYdrap Cotton Napkins might make the transition a little easier. Plus, there are plenty of reasons to switch to cloth napkins. They’re more earth friendly for one, and for two, you don’t have to keep buying paper products all the time. Not to mention the fact that they make you feel a bit fancier at mealtime. And there’s a bonus for guys who use their shirt—you’re already used to wiping your face on cotton. Win-win.

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  1. Rose

    They are not cloth napkins though, …they are a roll of 12 place mats.

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