UnHampered is a collapsible laundry basket that folds flat when not in use. When folded, it can be easily stored between your washer and dryer, under your sink, or any other place where you have an extra inch or two to spare. When unfolded, it provides all the function you expect from a deluxe, full size version. Don’t worry, despite its convenience this product doesn’t aim to make the chore a complaint free one.

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  1. Ellen

    where’s the “check it out” button?

  2. Brooke Dowd Sacco

    Sorry about that error!

  3. Brooke Dowd Sacco

    Sorry about that. I added the link.

  4. Storage Basket

    It looks nice, but I think with a bottle of cleaning solution in the baskets would be weighing much which looks quite odd. Anyway nice idea.

  5. Michael

    Looks very cool. Where do I get one?

  6. Jamie

    Is this basket even for sell? If so, where??

  7. Bonnie

    I want one….where can I buy it?!

  8. Sharon

    Incredible that they want us to comment, but they don’t answer our questions :(