Twitter is full of a lot of crap, like shameless self-promotion, a million boring SEO articles that manage to not actually say anything, and everyone tweeting about their lunch. Look, NPH is just about the only person who can get away with tweeting about what he eats, because well, he’s NPH. But everyone else, you might as well be tweeting about your meal after you’ve digested it because frankly, no one gives a shit. That’s why most services that print out your tweets are ridiculous—no one’s tweets deserve to be printed out on paper… unless it’s toilet paper. Shitter is a service that will print any of your twitter feeds on toilet paper so you can wipe with your own tweets, your favorites, and tweets from a specific list. Twitter lists are usually positive or descriptive, but I imagine this will lead to a lot of lists called something like “Tweets So Bad I Use Them To Wipe My Ass.”

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