Come on, you know you’ve thought about it. You pick up that day old towel and wonder: Which side was up yesterday? The True Clean Towel ensures that you’re drying your freshly cleaned face with a section of the towel which has not been used to dry ‘other’ places. At 5 feet tall 2.5 feet wide, it will also ensure a cozy, comfortable feeling when you step out of the shower.

Another option is the Mizu Towel, which is the world’s first bacteria detecting towel. Its color changing strips detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites. While its proprietary technology allows it to dry 3x faster than the average towel. Mizu is manufactured using the very same artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari, Japan – the haven for the world’s softest towels. Mizu towel is perfect for you and your baby to stay comfy and healthy.

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