One of the worst things about being sick is that moment when you’re lying in bed buried under a pile of blankets and you just stopped shivering from your fever and you think you might actually fall asleep… and then you sneeze and there’s snot everywhere. Now you have to get up, get a tissue and apologize profusely to whoever is sleeping next to you (in my case, it’s my 7 cats and my teddy bear, Mr. Wuffles). Of course that wouldn’t be a problem if you had a remote control tissue box. Available in green, red, white, and black, the RC Driving Tissue Box will guarantee that the only thing you have to get up for is to buy more soup. Sure, it’s no beer fetching robot, but it’s pretty useful. However at $106 it’s way out of my price range. Instead I think I’ll just steal one my nephew’s RC cars and duct tape a box of kleenex to it.

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