When having company over, it’s your duty as a host to make sure your guests are comfortable and that all of their needs are met. And do you know what THE single most important part of your job entiails? If you guessed making sure you offer plenty of pizza and beer, you’d be wrong. (But on a totally unrelated note can I come to your house later?) No, THE single most important thing you have to do for your guests is provide access to TP. There’s nothing worse than discovering mid poop that your host is out of toilet paper. Maybe they have some in a hall closet, maybe they don’t—but it doesn’t matter because it’s not like you can ask without dying of embarrassment. Enter the Toilet Paper Tree. It lets you display 14 extra rolls of toilet paper in plain sight so your guests instantly know that there’s plenty of bath tissue.


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Via: gizmodo.com


  1. Guest

    Incredible, but where in the States can you get one? The only place I can find them has pricing in Euros.

  2. Emr1970

    Any idea where to get this in the States?

  3. Mary Alice Curtis

    It does appear to only be available through “SitOn Design” apparently based in France. And that price of 155 euros? Converts to $215 !!! *GASP* ridiculous price! 🙁

  4. Henri

    OMFG…. Just make one yourself, it’s not that hard to make…
    It is eaven cooler when you make it out of a real wood found in woods!!!
    Google is a great place to find ideas, but the prices are ridiculous.

  5. Jim roberts

    Smaller tree on kickstarter I found .!!!! Looks better!

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