This is a limited edition 24k gold-plated vacuum cleaner priced at $1,000,000. It’s touted as the world’s most expensive vacuum. I… didn’t realize that anyone looked for that in a vacuum. All I ask is that it sucks up all the cat hair and doesn’t spontaneously combust. Which CAN happen. I seen it with my own eyes! My guess is, if you’ve got the cash to buy a million dollar vacuum cleaner, you’re not actually doing any vacuuming. And if you are, then that means you’re doing the whole insanely wealthy lifestyle totallyyyy wrong.

BONUS: The company behind the vacuum commissioned a rap song about the damn millionty dollar vacuum. You know, because nothing says thug life like a clean house.

UPDATE: It’s currently on sale for $999,999,999.00 — act fast!

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  1. Shira

    I saw you covered the GoVacuum rap video and gold vacuum. As they’re one of Crucial Vacuum’s competitors, we took the opportunity to do a rebuttal, in the spirit of the old rap battle. Check it out, here’s the link:

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