Sanrio is selling Hello Kitty Fire Extinguishers. Because if there’s one person I trust when it comes to fire, it’s a teensy little cartoon cat with no mouth. Not that mouth or lack of mouth has anything to do with fighting fire, I’m just making an observation here. Per the product site:

Kitty design residential small fire extinguisher very cute. The time of the circle ☆ chance for interior also ♪ I rely immediately cute and very colorful compact ♪ I am glad to elderly women and Easy Operation

Huh! Well, I take back what I said — you’ve got me convinced. I feel safer already!

hello-kitty-fire-extinguisher-1 hello-kitty-fire-extinguisher-2 hello-kitty-fire-extinguisher-3 hello-kitty-fire-extinguisher-4

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