This is the Blood Puddle Pillow. It looks comfy and is shaped like a pool of blood. Personally I prefer my decor to resemble a blood bath, but I could still put it to good use. This’ll be perfect for slipping under the head of my shitty roommate when he passes out drunk. I’d love to see the look on his face when he wakes up in the AM thinking he cracked his skull open and is bleeding out. What?! He’s a jerk. He stumbles in completely hammered, leaves the front door open, falls face first on the sofa and begins snoring mega loud making it impossible for me to get high in peace. I’m trying to watch re-runs of Frasier over here! You know Niles is a quiet talker and he’s got the best jokes! Ahhh man… I need to get a f***ing life.

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  1. janine rusinovich

    i would love to have that pillow to prank my mom with on halloweeen!

  2. Chelsea

    Where can I buy oneee?!

  3. Christopher William Fosker

    They are bein discontinued everywhere but type in Google blood pool pillow you should be able to find one it’s hard

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