Tether helps you save your stemware. It’s a set of four plastic rods that fix wine glasses to your dishwasher rack to prevent them from rattling and cracking. It’s really a genius invention. Personally, I don’t use stemware. I was gifted a set about a year ago and out of 12 glasses, only one made it to see a month. Just sayin’, drinkly people shouldn’t use glassware — it only leads to disaster. I’d probably be better off with a sippy cup, but I drink straight from the bottle like a regular person. Plus, I don’t even have a dishwasher. So for me, these Tethers are completely obsolete in every sense. You? Well you’re a different story: soooo fancy with your stemware and your new fangled dishwasher. Psshhh! (Yes I’m just jealous)

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  1. Loppy

    This is a great idea as not all dishwashers cater to wine glasses – very neat.

    However, if like Brittany you like to swig straight from the wine bottle, I guess they’re not necessary! Who are these ‘regular’ people you mention? The only people I see drinking straight from a wine bottle are down and outs on the corner!

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