Dem teeties! Dat Azz! This is the Tea & A Glassware Collection by Luis Caicedo. There are 6 pieces to choose from including the tall glasses called Flat Jug and Big Jug, the Big A Cup (is there such a thing?) and Tiny A Cup which are both tea cups, the Milk Maid milk vessel, and Sugar Tits sugar bowl. I’m totally on board with adding boobies to, well, anything. They just make everything more fun (there’s a reason why they call em fun bags!). But I can’t imagine the kinda ladies who host tea parties, like grannies for example, would ever use something like this. Yeah, I guess you’re right — it’s not that I can’t imagine, it’s that I REFUSE TO imagine my gramma using a titty mug.

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  1. Hofgen

    I would have done something with the word “teat.”