Christmas is right around the corner! No, no it isn’t, but that’s what corporate America would have me believe — they’re already putting up Thanksgiving decorations up at the grocery store! And since I’m as much as a part of consumerist society as the next person lining up on Black Friday, ready to trample anyone for a good deal, I’m totally sold. Hook line and sinker. Which is why I’m already starting my Christmas shopping. But what do you get the comic book fan who has everything? Batman or Superman Leg Lamps of course! Inspired by the indescribably beautiful sexy lady leg lamp in A Christmas Story, either one of these things would be a perfect gift. Just not for someone like my Aunt Sue. “I don’t get it,” I imagine her saying as she discards the wrapping paper and shoves the leg lamp in the coat closet. I spent my hard earned money on that, lady! Show some respect. Also, you mind passing the cookie plate this way?

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  1. Erick Frayre

    No wonder woman?

  2. Zaphod Smith

    That would be sexist..

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