Stylish Toothbrushes Are One More Thing You Don't Need

Stylish Toothbrushes Are One More Thing You Don't Need

Most folks choose a toothbrush based on the size and softness of its head. The grip–and perhaps the colors available–are also taken into consideration. However, I don’t think a toothbrush has ever been picked over because of its looks. That said, the idea of stylish toothbrushes is not a bad one. Yumaki is an oral care brand that offers high-quality dental hygiene products that are modern and attractive in design. Available in several great colors, they use nylon bristles in squared holes and a unique flexible handle that is made out of degradable plastic. Considering you’re supposed to change out toothbrushes every 2-3 months, the $10 price tag is hard to swallow. But if great looks and a biodegradable option seem worth it to you, Yumaki is the way to go.


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