When we thought that Street Clocks were clocks that looked like maps of major cities like New York or Tokyo we thought that were neat, but when we learned that street clocks looked like maps of our own hometown we got really excited. Fluid Forms lets you punch in any zip code to create a design based on a map of that location. You can completely customize the design by choosing exactly where on the map to zoom in on. Zoom all the way in on your street or zoom out to show the entire city. Street Clocks are available in a variety of colors like orange, green, blue, red, white and more.

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  1. Andreas Jaritz


    Awesome that the Streets Clock made it into Incredible Things!

    Though the price thing might be a bit confusing…

    180 US$ plus shipping is the price for deliveries within the EU (due to VAT, because Fluid Forms sends from EU)

    150 US$ plus shipping is the price for worldwide deliveries (e.g to US; no VAT to be charged)

    I wish you all a great weekend!


    Andreas Jaritz
    Fluid Forms

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