This is a collection of coffee mugs called Creature Cups. Each one’s got a different animal hiding inside. We’ve seen this type of dealie before with the Shark Mug. But this is DIFFERENT. Because now there’s an octopus involved. Plus a sea otter. And a lobster. Also: a crocodile. Personally I don’t f*** around with crocs (the animal OR the shoe), so I guess I’m just gonna have to go sans coffee on the days when it’s the only cup clean. Kinda like when I haven’t done laundry in a while and the only underwear I’ve got left is a pair that says Tuesday, but it’s not Tuesday, so I just go commando. I can’t be caught dead wearing wrong-day unders! I mean, imagine what they’d say about me at my funeral. Hell, they’d probably even write it on my tombstone! “She wore Tuesday drawls on a Saturday. RIP.”


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  1. Aaron

    These will be impossible to clean.

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