I have no idea why anyone would want to travel with a scale. I refuse to keep one in my home, let alone carry one in my back pocket. But if your weight is always on your mind, this ultra-portable digital bathroom scale makes weighing easier than ever. Boasting modern looks, it has an extra slim design, small figure and a hidden sliding, LCD display. In my book, the only redeeming quality about this cruel gizmo is its stylized design, which allows it to double as a sleek decoration in your home.

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  1. Kenneth Kellogg

    When the author says she has no idea why anyone would travel with a scale, it’s obvious that she has never considered the situation of those suffering medical conditions such as diabetes or heart failure where keeping track daily of one’s fluid retention is the only way to stay out of the ER.
    It is in fact the sole reason I had for looking at this site, as travel without a scale is dangerous.
    Maybe you should consider hiring more intelligent or empathetic critics to write these reviews.

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