Sleep With The Fishes In An Aquarium Bed

Sleep With The Fishes In An Aquarium Bed

Acrylic Tank Manufacturers brings us this custom made aquarium bed. It certainly brings new meaning to the term “waterbed” and “sleeping with the fishes.” Ooh — it blows all the other kinds of beds out of the water! Except bunk beds. Bunk beds are where it’s at, man! This aquarium headboard contains 650 gallons of water which would prove to be a serious disaster should anything happen to it. I’m talking floods, people! Then again, I can imagine this thing can really come in handy from time to time. Sure, it’ll impress the ladies, but could also provide the perfect excuse if you pee the bed. You know, like “Looks like my bed’s a little leaky. They sure don’t make aquarium beds like the used to!”



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