Catching some Z’s when you don’t have access to a comfy bed can be tricky. Like, have you ever had to do that head smushed up against a vibrating glass window on a bus thing? It sucks. Not to mention the fact that no one around you even cares that you’re napping. Seriously, is it too much to ask that your boss/teacher/therapist shut up for 20 minutes and dim the lights? Probably. But that’s okay if you’ve got the Power Nap Head Pillow. It fits over your head and leaves an opening around your nose and mouth so you can breath, blocking out light and sounds. It also makes you kinda look like a weird alien with giant hollow eyes on the side of your head which definitely a plus in my book. In case you were wondering my book is titled, “If People Are Going to Stare At You In Public Anyway, You Might as Well Look Like an Alien.”




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  1. Anonymous Guy

    I’d buy that.

  2. Colin Fraser

    want 1

  3. Gypsy

    I would be worried about my hair. Who cares what people think?

  4. Gypsy

    Also u can’t see if someone tries to hit u.

  5. ccws

    For that Admiral Ackbar look.

  6. tbone

    It’s a nap!!!

  7. Val

    looks like a diaper , upside down even it has the holes for the legs

  8. CCC

    This is a smart phone thief’s dream come true

  9. troyg318

    isn’t bad to cover yourhead while sleeping? they said your depriving it with oxygen.

  10. Marty Chamberlain

    I wonder how flammable they are in an emergency.. flaming heads

  11. kkr

    i never knew i needed it, but suddenly i feel like i can’t live without it

  12. Jess

    Troyg318, who are “they”? You don’t breathe through your skin, you breathe through your mouth and nose. With their logic, people who wear helmets all the time like motorcyclists would all have suffocated by now. It might get sweaty under there without airflow and if it’s too tight it might cut off circulation, but…yeah. Also Gypsy, I don’t think people would mess with alien life forms, but if they did the pillow probs gives you super senses. And if they hit you in the head well you’ve got a pillow around it. 🙂

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