I live in an 1100 sq ft home with two small children, two very tiny dogs, and a regular sized husband. Our home is on the market and we are ready to say “dueces, you stupid little house!” That said, we have just one bathroom and zero organizational skills. Somehow, the 11-member Shupe family of Skagit Valley, Washington, is making their home of the same size work just fine. Taking a peek into how is pretty fascinating.


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  1. Midstar

    How about not having kids unless you can afford the situation.

  2. Flor Debernardi

    yeah, i serch for the original of this, and the text here, is nothing like the other…
    by only looking at the pictures, I can know that the content of this is wrong
    shame on you

  3. Jen

    Hit the “check it out” button under the last picture. THAT takes you to the whole story and more pics.