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Looking for a new roommate sucks. Especially if you’re socially inept, live in a 300 square foot studio apartment with 12 cats, and are an avid Beanie Baby collector. Then it’s practically impossible to find someone willing to share a living space with you. Lauren Fahey on the other hand, well, she knows how to score a new roomie. She recently moved to San Francisco looking for a place to live so she posted this movie poster-like ad on Craigslist and Twitter. It details testimonials from former roommates, each is genuinely flattering and kind. Makes me wonder what my former flatmates would say about me!

“The cats/Beanie Babies didn’t bother me, just that she was always in the nude.” – Jon
“She spent all our rent money on pizza so we were evicted.” – Calli
“The only way she will communicate is by talking with her belly.” – Liz
“I saw her eat cold spaghetti off the kitchen floor. With her bare hands.” – Gram
“I needed a ride to work so she stole a car to get me there. Then she crashed through the lobby of the building and I had to bail her out of jail later that day.” – Shelly

Okaaaay, those were pretty horrible. But look! I got my roomie to work that one time, didn’t I? See, I’m not ALL bad. Just, you know, mostly.

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