Reasons to keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the house

Reasons to keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the house

The Himalayan salt is a kind of rock salt that is been originated in the regions of Himalayas. This is a salt that has basically a pink-tinted color due to the impurities it has. However, most of the salts are white in color. This is a kind of salt that has multiple benefits and used in several other beneficial aspects. Whereas another normal salt is just only used in cooking and if compared to this pink salt it is been used in other things like cooking food, medical treatment and spa, some special types of food presentation and especially for the decorative purpose.


While talking about the decorative purpose it is heavily used in the lamp purpose. The reason behind using it as a decorative purpose is that it has some properties that make the environment clean and livable. The pink salt has some medical properties in it; you can easily buy the lamp for your home. The lamp is not made up of the salt; it has a light bulb placed inside it that contains pieces of pink salt. And when you on that particular lamp it emits a pink light that looks soothing for eyes. It is believed that the salt is been prepared naturally through millions of years.


How do the lamps work?



All this Himalayan salt is said to be naturally iodized which means that they already have a number of benefits already integrated into it. This means that if you use it as a home décor it will change the electrical charge of the atmosphere of your house. Basically, it contains ions that contain protons and electrons that are unbalanced. It generally produces in the atmosphere whenever alternations occur in the environment. Even in some laboratory, these pink salts are been produced but the quality of that salt will match the original one is still questionable.


However, it is known that these salt lamps produce the ions that somehow evaporate from the dedicated salt solution or the particles and all these procedures take place when the lamp is been heated or ON. According to some research, it is proven that these ions are very beneficial for us and for our entire body structure. As the lamp heats up the salt discharges the ions hence it results in positivity for you.


Therefore here is the list of reasons that why you should keep this pink salt lamp to your house:


  • It balances the electromagnetic radiations



As the light source of the lamp is the ions that are available in this salt those are negative by nature that is completely helpful. This is because we are in such an age of technology that contains gadgets everywhere across the world. In our home, we are packed with a number of gadgets and electronic products like television, cell phones, laptops, computer, etc. Hence all these electronic products emit the electromagnetic radiation that is completely not visible with our eyes but they are really very harmful to our health. Thus to cut down all these radiations the use of salt lamps is done because they cancel the positive ions because they emit negative ions. This helps to balance the electromagnetic radiations.


  • Improves the breathing process



There are some studies and research conducted on the human body that tells that in a human body there are some breathing filters that are called cilia. And those filters or windpipes get narrow as it is not resistant to positive ions. Hence these positive ions can only be neutralized by the Himalayan salt lamp that emits negative ions which are very beneficial for our windpipe and cilia.


  • Good for asthma and allergies



It is said that indoor air is much polluted in comparison to the outside air because the in an open environment the air keeps the flow and constantly changes but the environment inside a house is completely packed and the chance of ventilation is very less. So the chance of getting allergetic is higher. And the pink salt of Himalaya is very favorable and helpful in preventing all such allergies, dust, and mold. Therefore it is primarily a protective way to get you to heal from all such diseases. It also helps to enhance your immune system.


  • Increases the blood flow in your body


Anyone who is suffering from the problems of low blood count in their body or some issues related to the blood, they need to use these lamps in their house. The main benefit of these lamps is that they somehow increase the blood flow of the human body. Basically, it is the negative ion that keeps the body charge in such a way that the blood count and the flow of blood increase in a sufficient manner. Due to some disorders, many people face such issues but the salt lamp can improve the vascular system and also provide some help to the lungs through increased blood levels.


  • Diminish stress and gives a peaceful feeling


The Himalayan salt lamp releases some properties that make our mind and body calm and provides peace to our entire nervous system. Because it is the nervous system that faces all the difficulties and issues while managing the entire body. Even people with depression also have some positive effects when they used this pink salt lamp, as it decreases the level of depression from your mind and neurons and makes your entire body relax. Even by seeing the light that comes out from the lamp also helps the patient to stay calm and maintain their physical and emotional balance.


In the state of depression, one of the most common problems is with the sleeping pattern. They are not getting enough sleep through their mind gets disturbed and the patient faces many problems related to sleep and stress. Therefore the salt lamp also helps the patients to change the sleep pattern and attain good and peaceful sleep. Basically, it improves the sleep pattern and cycle.




The Himalayan salt lamp is very beneficial in several terms that are related to health issues. One can easily attain good healthy condition by using it. However, it looks decent enough that everyone would attain some attraction towards it and also the lamp provides a state of peace and healthy vibes to the entire environment in the house.


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