To say that I’m bad at organizing is gross understatement. Walk into any room in my home and you’ll find all sorts of things scattered about—ten different types of chapstick, several envelopes of photos from my sister-in-law, pink Spiderman pencils with flowers on them (a great Chinatown find if you ask me) and that’s just the stuff on top that I can still see. My grandmother in comparison always had such a neat and clean home, even though that crazy old bat had a lot more junk than I do. She was just better at hiding it and used to put all her random crap in one of my grandfather’s old cigar boxes. Maybe that’s my problem… but who even smokes cigars anymore? It’s as if the folks at Fredflare read my mind (or saw my apartment) because they have the perfect solution—the Random Crap Cigar Box. It’s a lot less expensive than buying an actual box of Romeo y Julieta cigars. This small metal box has a quirky vintage style, featuring silly sayings and strange images that kind of remind me of flea market shopping with Grandma. (I’m pretty sure she had a ceramic elephant just like the one on the back of the box).

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