This is the Pet Sweep. It’s four mops that attach to Fido’s paws so when he’s scampering around the house he can also clean up that layer of fur he’s actively shedding. Except NO! We’ve been duped. This is actually just a dumb gift box by Prank Pack. They thought boxing a gift in the Pet Sweep packaging would convince a person they were actually receiving a Pet Sweep. Cool guys, really clever. You know, I was really excited about the Pet Sweep, so your plan backfired. BIG TIME. Now I’m pissed and I’m gonna take you to court. And when I say take you to court, obviously I mean I’m gonna threaten to take you to court, decide to start the legal process later, take a nap, and then totally forget that any of this happened. I hope you’re happy!

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  1. Margaret Shipman

    my dog would never wear these !!!

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