Because why not invite spirits into your home to haunt the everliving hell out of you and your family, here’s a conceptual Ouija board coffee table and rug. It was imagined by Dave Delisle and can now be custom made by Tom Spina Designs. These guys clearly do not understand that GHOSTS and FURNITURE are things that should not be mixed. A living room is no place for the deceased! I did a Ouija board once and we went into the backyard and set it up on a trampoline to do it. You know, like normal people? Unfortunately I think when we summoned Nicole’s gramma, she ended up haunting that thing and I was never comfortable jumping on it after that.

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  1. Chastity Logan-Vargas

    Ooh my goodness yes please. I would so buy this. How much would something like this cost?

  2. Stonemaven

    YES! In a New Your minute!

  3. D

    I’d definitely consider it, provided it was done well and made of decent-to-high quality materials. Oak or mahogany for the table, to say the least.

  4. riversher

    I sure woukd but second the comment about quality materials.

  5. Mary Meyer

    Yes. In fact a welcome mat would be awesome as well.

  6. rockiekw

    hell yea!

  7. Amazing Gracie

    I want one!

  8. esma

    wonder where you can buy the coffee table

  9. Luis Rosa

    HELL YEAH! Does it come with the sofa set?

  10. KarmikCykle

    No, I’m not a fan of rugs on my floor. Plus my cats would ruin it.

  11. kitty


  12. Adam

    Hell yes!

  13. Cpt_Justice

    Probably way overpriced for us, but I would *instantly* put it in our family room.

  14. Kat

    This is just asking for trouble…

  15. Sean Michael McCord

    But the coffee table would always be moving.

  16. Shinji's Soul Reaver

    I’ve never liked Ouija boards. Bunch of cornballs trying to talk to spirits, give me a break. That being said, I LOVE this set and would definitely get it for my home once we’ve converted our old carpeting to wood floors.

  17. Karen Flanigen

    Hell yes!!

  18. stopthestupid

    Oh hell no! I am not summoning no freaky shit into my damn life.

  19. C.J. Farrell

    A rug like that would really tie the whole room together . . .

  20. Jessica Sideways

    I’m clipping this to Evernote and when I get ready to move to Fort Collins, I’ll see about commissioning someone to make the rug and table for me. :)

  21. Tessala


  22. Andrea

    No way!! It’s cool but you can open portals and let bad spirits in and I don’t play around with that. I definitely think it’s cool but a Ouija board is not a toy!

  23. Jaidous Devine

    Yes would pay in the thousands to have this

  24. Jaime.

    Oh hell yeah! I would definitely have one.

  25. Skeptic

    Isn’t Hasbro a toy company?

  26. The dood

    try playing blindfolded lol

  27. will

    It’s a rug you only open a portal and invite unwanted in by using it. Not merely having it. Nice conversation piece though.

  28. Inu no Taisho

    Yes. I would have to throw money at this.

  29. Paul Pattra

    Definitely cool, where can I get one?

  30. Mig

    I think you drink too many spirits