Etsy artist ArtAkimbo is selling this Octopus Tentacle Trophy Mount. Obviously it’s not an actual octopus tentacle, it’s a sculpture. One thing’s for true is, it sure beats the hell out of any moose or deer head trophy mount! Unless that moose or deer is rocking some goofy glasses and a party hat, in which case, it’s kind of a wash.

octopus-tentacle-trophy-mount-2 octopus-tentacle-trophy-mount-3


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  1. Qua

    Did they rip off the guy from Etsy who makes these? Because they’re cheaper there, and I could easily see the idea being ripped off completely… and I don’t just mean the idea of a tentacle, I mean it straight up looks exactly like these.

  2. Travis Uruh Spalding Braxton

    these are by the etsy person.

  3. Qua

    Cool, thank you for letting me know. Just wanted to make sure, because that guy makes really amazing art & deserves the credit! 🙂

  4. Travis Uruh Spalding Braxton

    i know i wish i could afford one. maybe xmas haha.

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