Never Spill Another Drink with the Mighty Mug

Never Spill Another Drink with the Mighty Mug

Just last night in one fell swoop I knocked over a beverage onto my keyboard, Bluetooth speaker, cell phone, and wacom tablet. Clumsiness on this level takes skill. If you too have got the skills to rack up the bills (in new electronics) then you need the Mighty Mug. Its tagline is “The mug for klutzes” because you just can’t knock it down. The bottom of the mug grips your desk or table so it can’t accidentally tip over, yet it comes right off when you lift it up. The 16 oz Might Mug features double wall insulation making it good for hot or cold beverages aaaand it’s dishwasher and microwave safe… which is good because I’m also no longer allowed to use the stove to make tea.



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