Recently we learned How To Poo At Work, but did any of us ever stop to consider how to poo in general? Apparently we’re all doing it wrong. The natural pose for going number 2 isn’t sitting but squatting and for some reason this is REALLY important. At least that’s what the creators of Nature’s Platform claim in their book “Nature Knows Best” which is sold separately for $9.95. So to recap, someone is selling what is essentially a foldable TV table with a hole in the middle for $144 AND they have a book that explains why you need it AAAAAAND you have to pay money for that too.

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  1. Some Dude

    Coincidentally, I just ran across the Squatty Potty yesterday: which is cheaper, and less ridiculuous than this. It’s more a simple stool to bring your legs up to squat rather than having you perched above the toilet.

  2. Jonathan

    The only problem with the Squatty Potty is that you’re not squatting when you use it. You’re just sitting with your feet on a footstool. See this link to understand why that’s completely bogus.

  3. Some Dude Again

    Jonathan: that link was very informative on the key differences, thank you.

  4. Kate

    Bogus?? You are so wrong! I have been squatting for 20 years. Recently I just bought a Squatty potty. And have had equally as good success with my elimination as squatting over my toilet. It is so much easier. And I don’t have to take all my cloths off which can be a big problem when you have to go fast. I found the Squatty potty a wonderful addition to my home and all of my guests love it. The great results are in the pot! Even with the Squatty potty

  5. Jonathan

    “Even with the Squatty Potty” says it all. Squatting is so powerful that even a poor imitation has some value. When all the health benefits of squatting are accepted by the medicos, the western toilet will fall by the wayside and neither the Squatty Potty nor Nature’s Platform will be needed.

    By the way, Jenni, the book is free with every Nature’s Platform. But everything in the book is on the site, so you can essentially read it online for free. The site also explains how to build your own squatting platform (see FAQ#6.) I’m just a one-man company and certainly don’t need any more orders. I’m giving the knowledge away because the world needs it desperately.

  6. Chris McArdle


    This is hardly a place to be slandering other peoples ideas. I have Both your product and the Squatty Potty. I use them both, To be honest I use the Squatty Potty more because it is so much easier and i get the same results. anyway, I am just glad people are talking about this subject.

  7. Jonathan

    “Slander” is defined as a malicious, false, and defamatory statement. My comments are simply pointing out the truth that using a footstool is not squatting.

    Footstool manufacturers (and there are about half a dozen of them) have taken all the research I have collected about squatting and have claimed that all those benefits can be obtained without squatting. They are pandering to the public’s ingnorance about this concept, and thereby increasing the ignorance.

    For example, they have cited the findings of the Israeli researcher, Berko Sikirov, even though he explicitly states that his research doesn’t apply to the footstool method. The footstool method does not occur anywhere in nature. “Other people’s ideas,” if they are false and dangerous, need to be challenged.

  8. Jonathan

    I just reread Kate’s comment and realized I hadn’t addressed her main point. So I added the following to my FAQ page:

    16. But isn’t a footstool more convenient, since you don’t have to remove your pants and underwear completely?

    If your priority is convenience, use a footstool. If your priority is health, use the natural squatting position. But bear in mind that the diseases you’re trying to prevent are not especially convenient. Just ask someone who wears diapers or a colostomy bag.

  9. Joe Baker

    I find it strange that the owner of a rival company should seek to rubbish the testimonials of people who are clearly delighted with the Squatty Potty. It may well be that the ‘full squat’ is even more beneficial – but there are many paths to the mountain top. Given that we already have the conventional flush toilets in our homes I think the SP is a much more ingenious contraption. I too have had excellent results with the Squatty Potty and Johnathan should be less bombastic. Johnathan is obviously messianic in his convictions…”Twenty-eight years after my initial discovery, the thought started coming that “now is the time to share it with the world. It became clear to me that millions of people around the world were suffering needlessly and dying prematurely, due to the ignorance of the medical profession. And that my chance discovery 34 years ago was no accident, but was part of the cosmic plan to restore mankind to a natural state of health.” Johnathan makes a small table with a hole in it. Good luck to him! I mean that sincerely – not as sarcasm.

  10. Jonathan

    I’m not trying to “rubbish” anyone’s testimonials. I’m just trying to dispel illusions that are being propagated. If I hadn’t been doing this, the world would be misled into a false notion about squatting. Since we’ve already ruined our health for over 150 years, we certainly don’t need more misinformation out there to continue the damage.

    Secondly, you say I’ve made a small table with a hole in it and have an overly grandiose conception of its significance. The platform I have invented has no significance whatsoever. Rather, it’s the 12 years of research into the cause of all these diseases that is my contribution. My quarrel with the Squatty Potty makers is that they have lifted all that research (without attribution) and are claiming that it applies to footstools as well. In my mind this is fraudulent. You are enjoying a faint hint of squatting’s benefits and feel satisfied, but true squatting is light years beyond what you are experiencing.

  11. Joe Baker

    Glad you’re keeping an eye on the site Johnathan! First of all, I wouldn’t go so far as to categorise your ‘platform’ with a hole in it as ‘an invention’. You’ve merely placed what in effect is a squatting toilet above a modern western toilet. Is your ‘invention’ patented? In any case, my original point stands, I think. To conjure up the spectre of diapers and colostomy bags in response to a favourable opinion of the SP is a little extreme – as is, if I may say, the suggestion that the SP, or your own platform will necessarily protect us from such misfortunes. Diet is really the key factor, I would say, but anything that aids compete evacuation is a definite help. Incidentally, you mention your ’12 years of research’ as being your main contribution. In my view, anything that promotes the idea of a more natural defecation position is of value. However, in the course of your ‘research’ you must surely have come across the work of Dennis Burkitt. It was Dr Burkitt who, after many years of medical practice in Africa, conjectured in the 1970’s that the squatting posture as well as diet was probably a major factor in near-zero rates of corectal cancer encountered during his work. I’m sure that you weren’t suggesting that it was your ‘research’ which was responsible for that particular breakthroug in our understanding. Best wishes to you.

  12. Joe Baker

    Hi Johnathan. I see that you have indeed patented your ‘invention’, in 2001! “I hope to sell thousands and then millions throughout America and Europe and make toilet manufacturers redesign all toilets to allow squatting.” Millionaire yet? Just kidding mate! Best of luck to you!

  13. Jonathan

    The aspiration to sell millions was expressed in 2001 and was soon abandoned. Over the past 10 years I have realized that I’m happier as a one-man company. So, my site says “out of stock” about 99% of the time and doesn’t even allow people to order!

    Regarding Denis Burkitt, if you read the health benefits section, particularly the colon cancer chapter, you’ll see a complete discussion of his contribution to the field. He de-emphasized squatting, and focused on the fiber theory, probably because it was a more acceptable topic in polite society. Based on your belief that diet is the “key factor” in these diseases, I see that Burkitt’s mistake continues to mislead the public, even 20 years after his death.

    I scrupulously credit all the researchers who have come before me. I believe that I have corrected many of their mistakes and have consolidated the case against western toilets. My advantage is that the Internet gave me access to virtually all the knowledge in the world, in a way they could not possibly have had. It has also allowed me to reach a worldwide audience with no resources — all from my humble abode in North Carolina.

  14. Joe Baker

    “My advantage is that the Internet gave me access to virtually all the knowledge in the world”…if only ‘twer thus. Glad to see you gave up your ambition to ‘sell millions’. Very wise. Ever thought about filling in the holes – they’d make nice little tables! Best of luck to you Johnny boy! Your a hoot!

  15. Jonathan

    “So to recap, someone is selling what is essentially a foldable TV table with a hole in the middle for $144 AND they have a book that explains why you need it AAAAAAND you have to pay money for that too.”

    Since I’m the “someone” in question, let me offer a more accurate “recap”:

    Someone has explained, cogently and in great detail, the simple cause of many terrible diseases which have baffled the medical profession. Not only the cause, but the simple solution: squat naturally for bodily functions. He also offers, on the FAQ page (question #6 and #7), instructions for anyone to convert their toilet into a squat toilet. He is a one-man company, making the product by hand, so most of the time his site says “out of stock” and doesn’t even permit people to order. He has been doing this since April of 2001 and his site has had over three million visitors. Many MDs have endorsed his discovery, which some have called “a medical breakthrough of the first order.”

  16. David Kanda

    Yeah, but seriously. I wouldn’t pay that much for that contraption. I could make one myself for much less money or just balance myself on the toilet bowl and pay nothing.

  17. Jonathan Isbit

    Yes, you can absolutely make one yourself. If you re-read my comment, you’ll see that I’ve provided instructions for a DIY version. I’m not trying to sell millions of units, just trying to educate the population.