Rotating 360° is a multi-outlet socket system that allows you to add many sockets to the strip, in a style similar to LEGO. The concept’s benefit is that you can turn the socket-outlets in any direction, as to accommodate plugs of various sizes and shapes. The standing bases on both ends help to organize wires, turning your TV or workstation into a neater, stress-free space.

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  1. Jared

    Why leave off the ground? There’s much less need for the rotating sockets when the strip can’t accommodate most large plugs.

  2. John

    That’s what adapters are for.

  3. Crystal Waters

    Looks like the ideal socket strip for those bulky power blocks that take up 2 sockets when you plug them in. I want at least 3 of these with a bunch of additional “plugs” to add onto them. Looks like a real problem solver. What is the max you can hook together?