Baking cookies is a great way to let someone know you care, but if you want to make your message a little sweeter, add some verbal sugar. Message-in-a-Cookie Cookie Cutters let you add messages to your baked goods with pre-made words like “I Love You” as well as 3 sets of alphabet letters for less conventional messages like “clean your room” or whatever it is you want to convey through confections.

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  1. Carrie Carolin

    Have you actually tried baking with these? I’ve not been successful in getting the message to survive the baking process. It basically sinks back into the cookie and becomes unreadable.

    Note that the product photo shows the cookie dough before being baked.

    I tried chilling the dough severely, making a shallower impression, making a deeper one, rolling the cookies thinner or thicker.. nothing seems to work, sigh.

  2. jeux

    I like this king of things. My kids too

  3. LBT

    @Carrie – you have to use a shortbread-type dough (the recipe in the biz works great). A regular sugar cookie dough gets too ‘puffy’ and obscures the letters

  4. LBT

    Oops I meant ‘box’ not biz…

  5. peggy

    we just made this using the recipe in the box – they’re adorable!!! The dough was pretty stiff after we refrigerated it but they turned out SO cute!!! We did
    “Made by Will” and they were definitely the hit of the day!