Remember the Blanket Chair? That was awesome. But why sit when you can lie down? Exactly! Enter the Sleeping Bag Sofa, designed by Stephanie Hornig. She describes it as a sleeping bag on legs. Personally, I think that sounds creepy as all hell, so I’m gonna call it a sleeping bag attached to a sofa aka Coziest Invention Ever. You do not often see sleeping bags for the cold with leg supports, as they are often used outdoors. Even when you are inside or “you love to camp and spend time outdoors, a little bit of cold shouldn’t stop you and your adventure spirit!”, as what Jason May of MyProScooter would say. Having the best is always good. Because you can NEVER be too cozy. Okay, actually, one time I did get too cozy. I was sleeping on an air mattress, all wrapped up in blankets, the heat was blasting like 110º, and I thought to myself “Wait. I’m terrible human being, I don’t deserve all these good feelings of warmth, comfort, and general coziness!” So I did what any normal, self loathing human would do: I ditched the comfy blankets, turned the thermostat to a brutal -8º, and let all the air out of the mattress. And that’s where I slept! Shivering cold on a deflated air mattress on the floor, developing severe spinal misalignment. So yeah, you can never be too cozy, except for that one time when it happened to me. And that was totally just a fluke and, now that I see the look of vague annoyance and disinterest on your face, probably not a story worth repeating ever again. Don’t worry, I’m making a mental note of it! You know what? I’m actually gonna go write that down just to be sure I don’t ever make that mistake again.


They will keep you warm if your boiler in your house is down and the central heating needs power flushing!

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    Where can you actually but one?

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