Multi-colored layered cakes like the rainbow cake are beautiful, but who has the patience to make 6-8 different layers of cake? I barely have the patience to look for matching socks in the morning, so unless there’s a super easy way to slice a cake you’re lucky if it has even 2 layers… and if there are no egg shells in it. My point is, I’m a terrible baker. Oh wait, actually my point is that there IS an easier way to make layered cake: the Piece of Cake Layer Slicing Kit. It makes it easy to create 8 perfectly uniform layers of cake. So now it’s waaaaay easier to steal recipes you found on the internet to pass off as your own idea. Of course you’re not fooling anyone… except maybe you’re grandmother who hasn’t figured out Pinterest yet.

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  1. Moni

    Uhm… This is not incredible – this is just how you make layered cakes. Noone does it freehand if you want it to be prfessional. It’s like you tell us that there are hand mixers… Maybe you don’t bake cakes very often ;-)