Need some extra dough? Wanna piss off your homeowner’s association? Me too — I’m broke as hell and my neighbors are all a bunch of jerks! Marketing company Brainiacs From Mars will pay your mortgage for every month you let them use your house as a billboard. Submit your home and, if selected, they will come paint it up in a banner-like advertisement. Change your mind? The Brainiacs will come back and paint your house as it was before. It’s because your wife got mega pissed, didn’t she? I would be too! The soccer moms in the neighborhood drive by in their mini-vans and turn up their nose to this kinda business. They’re brutal. Then again, those ice queens aren’t going to pay your mortgage, sooooooo…

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  1. Robert Campo

    What do you think of brainiacsfrommars marketing pr strategy. There phones must be ringing off the hook. Talk about curb appeal.