Have you ever had that debate about hand written notes vs typed notes? Jotting down a hand written note tends to be quick and long personal letters tend to be more thoughtful. On the other hand they can’t be saved, backed up, copied and inserted into an email like a document. But typing may soon lose its title as the most convenient way to write, thanks to a little help from the LogiPen. The LogiPen Digital Pen captures and saves everything you write and draw, letting you upload it all to your computer. With the push of a button you can even convert your hand written words into typed text.

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  1. rafael

    really incredible, i use the logipen as hand writing mails,

  2. rafael

    i recieve my LogiPen set and must say the combination between high-tech to handwriten is amazing, feel retro….

  3. raf

    amazing gadget for Xmas present

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