Why spend over a grand on a lamp that looks like it just got sliced by a lightsaber only seconds ago and is still in mid-fall? (That’s a trick question because obviously you don’t need money when you can do that Darth Vader choking thing and take whatever you want.) Sure, the Light Light Floating Lamp is pretty expensive and it’s not exactly the most useful thing in the world, but it’s a freaking lamp that floats. You can tell all of your really dumb friends who don’t believe in science that it’s controlled by the Force or magic fairies, while anyone with an IQ higher than their pants size will of course realize that it uses electromagnetic components to achieve the cool hovering effect.

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Via: www.blessthisstuff.com


  1. KParker

    Very neat, but $1350 not including VAT from Europe???
    Maybe in my next conspicuously consumptive incarnation.

  2. Gabriel

    If you can ignore the spinning, you can build one yourself with a dozen neodymium magnets and some ingenuity.