If all of the light switches in my home were adorned with these building brick plates, my electric bills would be a bit lower. I would always stop to build a little something before actually remembering to turn off the light. The LEGO-inspired plates come in a set of two and are designed single toggle switch. They give you over 18 square inches of brick-building and guarantee to make each day awesome. Not to mention, you can stick a brick on your keychain so you’ll never misplace your keys again.


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  1. Gabrielle

    I’m definitely getting a few sets as part of a house warming gift basket for my son and his fiancée. We’re all huge Lego fans and these will personalize their home.

    And what a clever idea to add a brick to the keychain! Looks like I’ll be needing a set for my own home. I may actually never hear, “Has anyone seen where I left my keys?”

    Thanks Incredible Things! Now how do I attach bricks to his socks and the hamper, hmm…

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