Let LEGO Light The Way

Let LEGO Light The Way

If all of the light switches in my home were adorned with these building brick plates, my electric bills would be a bit lower. I would always stop to build a little something before actually remembering to turn off the light. The LEGO-inspired plates come in a set of two and are designed single toggle switch. They give you over 18 square inches of brick-building and guarantee to make each day awesome. Not to mention, you can stick a brick on your keychain so you’ll never misplace your keys again.



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One thought on “Let LEGO Light The Way

  1. Gabrielle

    I’m definitely getting a few sets as part of a house warming gift basket for my son and his fiancée. We’re all huge Lego fans and these will personalize their home.

    And what a clever idea to add a brick to the keychain! Looks like I’ll be needing a set for my own home. I may actually never hear, “Has anyone seen where I left my keys?”

    Thanks Incredible Things! Now how do I attach bricks to his socks and the hamper, hmm…

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