Being pregnant sounds hard. CrossFit training also sounds hard. Being pregnant while CrossFit training sounds impossible. But LA based pregnant woman Lea-Ann Ellison proves that it’s not impossible. She’s only a few weeks away from having her third child and she’s still lifting weights and working out harder than most non-pregnant people ever have in their lives. Her decision to keep training while pregnant has sparked some controversy. Some say she’s harming her baby while others support her. Ellison says, “[I] strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish in your body’s capabilities to kick ass.”




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  1. JustAnOpinion

    I think she has every right to do with her body what she sees fit. However, her baby does not have the same choice. While extreme exercise would be harmful to the baby in most normal circumstances, given her level of fitness, CrossFit may or may not pose potential harm, depending on which exercises she does. As long as she is communicating well with her OBGYN, and the baby is being monitored, and she is not pushing herself excessively, it *should* be OK. That said, I wouldn’t recommend it and my official position would be: “bad idea”.

    But, time will tell, won’t it? I hope she and her baby are healthy and happy.

  2. Nikki Cupps

    Babies don’t have a choice. Especially in the womb. This mother is doing everything right. It’s her body. It’s her baby.

    How come when we see pregnant mothers ecsessively eating junk food and gaining insane amounts of weight we don’t bat an eye? But when women want to continue their healthy lives we criticize them? We should be ashamed of our society! The baby doesn’t have a choice to be birthed by a junk food eating fat mom do they?

    So what is really the issue? Are we saying pregnant women need to be bedridden?


    I agree this is not an illness and women should continue their productive lives.

  3. elliotmarques

    Glad to see these two sensible comments here! Of course the main thing is she isn’t running herself into the ground or crash dieting, those are obviously bad, but fitness? Fitness is always good.

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