We’ve all wondered if there are ghosts in our homes. Unexplained flicker of the lights, a sound in an unoccupied room, a little voice telling you to eat cookies (okay, scratch that last one) all make you wonder if you’re really alone. If you fancy yourself a ghost hunter, Mr.Ghost is a Kickstarter project that aims to help you find out. It plugs directly into an iPhone’s mic port to detect electromagnetic radiation sources. Users log on to their free app to detect invisible EM radiation from household appliances, your car, whatever’s in your closet or under your bed, or anything you want to point it at.

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  1. HellsBells

    LOL yeah, that thing picks up nothing else that EMF’s (electromagnetic fields), It doesn’t make a difference between natural or technical sources, it’ll probably even show a “ghost” on the screen, when the phone you use for is is picking up the incoming phone signals. That device is a total waste of money. It’s nothing else than a fancy ghost app with an antenna.
    The only use I can see in it is to find stronger electromagnetic sources in your house to eliminate harmful radiation (high EMFs can cause hallucinations, nausea, dizziness, etc). So if you radio alarm on your bedside table is radiating a field over 2 Gauss you should seriously get a new one or place it somewhere else.
    Does that gadget actually show how high the field is?

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