Here’s a super adorable hedgehog pencil holder. The pencils are its little spikes. Dawww! You can have your very own for just $65 which includes free shipping and comes with a pack of 24 colored pencils. Are these magic pencils that like, give the user some kind of supernatural talent for coloring? Because that’s the only way I could justify this purchase. I mean, for $65 I could probably buy a real life hedgehog and train him to actually hold my colored pencils with his teensy little hands. And that, my friends, is so adorable I just got a headache thinking about it.


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  1. Amanda Reed

    My pet hedgehog, who is barely trained to pee in her litter pan, cost me $175, just for her…. not including cage. I’m just sayin. LOL But no, I wouldn’t spend $65 on that.

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