Steelplant creator Ryan Christiansen who apparently has an entire cat for a head, designed a super comfy pillow case that looks like a big ol’ bag of ganja. It… looks beautiful. The Giant Stash pillowcase has got a zipper top, plus an internal pocket for your actual stash. ♫ Sweet dreams are made of thiiiis ♫ If you’re tryna get your hands head on one of these for yourself, head over to Kickstarter and put in your two cents. And then stop being such a cheap-ass and throw down the remaining $29.98. Because there’s nothing worse than being a cheap-ass. Oh, except for bogarting the j. It’s “Puff puff pass,” not “Puff contemplate your existence and let the cherry go out.” C’mon!




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  1. Armando Ayala

    but where can i buy it?

  2. Brittany High

    Currently it’s at the fundraising stage on Kickstarter. If you contribute $30 and they reach their goal, you get the pillowcase!