This is a Teddy Bear Sofa. As you can see, it’s a giant snuggly Teddy Bear embracing a fugly sofa. Burly bearded men like to sit on it. Small unbearded children? I don’t know, there’s not a lot of info about this thing, I’m just going off the picture. However, I’d assume this is the kinda thing that, bearded or not, any kid would take one look and run away screaming because damn, I feel like I woman it IS a little creepy. I mean look at this thing! You gotta sit in a huge-ass bear’s crotchular region. That’s just asking to get eaten alive. Or eaten dead. I don’t know which is worse! I just know that I don’t wanna get eaten AT ALL.

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Via: Schlecky Silberstein


  1. Allison

    that’s awesome. i want one.

  2. Yo

    That is awesome. Ignore Brittany High’s ignorance. She is just a hater.

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