Remember that crazy Japanese torture device we showed you that’s supposed to give you a perfect nose? Well here’s another one that’s slightly less scary called the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener. On one hand it doesn’t look like something out of a Hostel movie with a pink coat of paint, but on the other hand… how are you supposed to breath with it on? Is beauty really worth becoming a mouth breather with weird plugs up your nose? I wouldn’t know because I don’t think that beauty is worth shaving for. Or not wearing pajamas for. Or using a hairbrush for. Hana Tsun, which translates to “stick up your nose,” clips into your nostrils and helps gradually give you a straighter, less round nose. Then once your nose is perfect, you can stick it up at all them ugly bitches with Miss Piggy noses.

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  1. Samwise The Brave

    I want one tbh..

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