Halve Bookends may appeal to anyone wants a fresh look on their bookshelf, but we imagine the target audience to be avid readers who need a reminder to feed their fish. Basically a fish bowl cut in half, Halve Bookends liven up a boring bookshelf with a creative new look. The photo suggests goldfish, but really this would be a perfect way to split up fighting beta fish. If you’re not really a fish person, you could always fill them with sand, stones or colored water.

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Via: www.betterlivingthroughdesign.com

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  1. Dr. Lao

    This is cruel to the fish. The volume to allow swimming is greatly reduced. Also, water changes would have to be done weekly, given the size of the bowls. Who has the time to do that? As a result, the fish will die with in a month. Sad and pathetic.