Etsy shop Pyroteeze is selling this handmade Death Star Grinder for $22. It’s supposedly for grinding up herbs (i.e. lavendar, sage, cinnamon) but between you and me I think it’s really for grinding up herb (i.e. ganja, Mary Jane, bud). But who knows, maybe that’s just me being a resourceful stoner. Naw, who am I kidding, I can’t take credit for this! It is what it is. I can, however, take credit for coming up with the term “squircle.” That’s a square and a circle, FYI. Wait, what do you mean “squircle” has existed for years? There’s a Wikipedia page for it and everything?! But… but that was my proudest accomplishment!



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Via: Food Beast


  1. Edward Turpel

    Looks cheap. And there’s no pollen collector. Just buy a Death Star model instead, or make your own.

  2. mike

    Edward is right, much as i like the concept, there are fingerprints in the paint job, inconsistant patina and the gap between the two halves are pretty ginormous.. .. and yeah.. no kief catcher.. but thats not an absolute killer feature..

  3. Emily

    Also, your math sucks, they’re $25 + $4 shipping in the u.s. They also look very cheap.

  4. Brittany High

    At the time of publishing (October 2013) it was $22. Check out the source site (FoodBeast, link is above) and you’ll see they have it listed as the same!

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