This isn’t a DeWalt drill, guys. It only looks like a DeWalt drill! In real life it’s a Glock Model 21.45 gun. A wolf in sheep’s clothing… Uh, a handgun in power tool’s hard plastic shell. It’s perfect for the gangstaruction worker in your life. We all know one! If you ask me, I think this drill lookin’ glock sounds like an accident waiting to happen. In addition to PEW PEW! and people running and screaming because a handy man picked up the thing thinking it was a drill and ended up shooting a hole through a wall.

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  1. Louis

    I love this idea. However, the author is obviously anti-gun and an idiot. An “accident waiting to happen”? Please man, get real. Anyone stupid enough to confuse this for an actual drill deserves whatever trouble they get in to by misusing it.
    Wonderful idea and execution, congratulations to the maker for doing a damn fine job. Keep it up.

  2. Tammy Evans

    I’d like a review from anyone who has actually shot this!

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