Would you pay almost $1000 for a box that you put on your head? Think about it for a minute and get back to us. The Thought Box, designed by Holly Palmer, creates a personal space that lets the user think freely, without distractions—something I barely remember pre-internet. Depending on your mood you can switch the color inside the box to promote different thoughts and feelings. According to Palmer, white allows you to reflect, while blue inspires control and creativity. The Thought Box includes 5 interchangeable color filters as well as the Thought Stool, which the box fits under when not in use. So after giving it some thought, let me ask again. Would you consider buying The Thought Box for $990 if it meant that you would come up with a million dollar idea while using it?

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  1. Scotto

    Can’t you just put a cardboard box on your head with a filtered flashlight inside? I think that saves you $980.