Cinnabon. It’s the third place I hit up at the mall. First it’s Orange Julius for an Original, then Auntie Anne’s Pretzels for a big-ass pretzel (light on the salt), next it’s Cinnabon where I gorge on those sweet, sticky cinnaminny buns. And now you can smell that smell all day, erry day with this Cinnabon Air Freshener by Air Wick. Of course smelling that smell is gonna make you want to eat that smell and if there’s one thing we know about smells it’s that you can’t eat them. I mean, sure you can ingest them, but they taste like absolute doo-doo water.



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  1. andrea

    that would make me hungry all the time… and make me sad because i cant have those delicious sticky cinammony heavenly rolls all the time at home…

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