CAUTION: These Coffee Gifts Are Super Hot

CAUTION: These Coffee Gifts Are Super Hot

We’re all addicted to coffee, but some of definitely take it to new extremes. There’s a few different kinds of coffee junkies. There’s the one who knows exactly how to brew the perfect cup and doesn’t mind taking a long time to get there. There’s the one who’s on a first AND last name basis with their barista. And there’s the one who can’t sleep—not because of the caffeine—but because they’re up all night thinking about coffee. These people will not be so easily impressed with a generic coffee maker—you need to find a coffee gift that’s truly unique and speaks to their inner coffee addict.

  • Chemex Coffee Maker – $41
  • Custom Coffee Spoons by Milk & Honey – $18
  • Coffee Tasting Notebook Set – $30
  • Coffee Lover’s Ring – $25
  • Cookie Cutter Set – $46
  • Constellation Mug – $20
  • Grow Your Own Coffee – $10
  • Starbucks Frappuccino Phone Plug – $4
  • Coffee Body Wash – $28
  • Floating Mug – $30
  • Capsule Kong – $128
  • Joco Cup – $23+
  • Impress Coffee Brewer – $40
  • Custom Coffee Stencils – $25+
  • Brooklynese Kitchenware – $11+

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