Move over bunk beds, there’s a new coolest bed in town! NOTE TO BUNK BEDS: Sorry BBs, but you’ve had a good run. You’re still a close second! Race card beds, you’re now in third. Now that we’ve cleared up all that bed ranking business, let’s get to the good stuff. The good stuffing being this Castle Murphy Bed. It is amazing. Like, it’s the facade of a bad-ass castle, the drawbridge pulls down and that’s your bed. It was built by Etsy shop TinyTownStudios who’s selling it for $3500. Worth every penny if you ask me. If you don’t ask me, well, that’s okay: I’m still thinking it. I’m thinking it hard. And wondering how I’m going to hit you up for the cash to buy this thing. Should I beg and plead or go for more of a guilt trip approach? Decisions, decisions!

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